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Who We Are

MISS CULTURE INTERNATIONAL is a platform created to empower and showcase  beauty and fashion talent globally. Its head office is in Cape Town, South Africa but operates in other countries in Africa and globally through national directors.

Its Core focus is to bring together women from diverse cultures to learn from each other and find common ground in pursuit of a transformation and change agenda.

The Miss Culture International organizes and manages quality pageants in order to unite people from diverse cultures, learn from each other, and celebrate different cultures through beauty and fashion.

Miss Culture International

Shaping Our Way of Life

  • A platform for young women from diverse cultures to promote, teach and learn world cultures
  • A platform to equip young women with the power of cultural diversification to promote unity and peace
  • A platform to promote tourism through the global cultural heritage
  • A platform for global brands to be visible in supporting and promoting cultural diversity of the world

Our Objectives

To promote Arts-Culture-Tourism destinations around the world

To encourage creativity and information exchange between people from different nationalities/cultures

Providing an environment and platform conducive to embracing our cultural differences thereby promoting unity and humanity 

To empower the girl child through personal development training complementing their talents.

To promote volunteer activity and business / employment Cultural events

To help bring inward investment to all countries/cities, which we will host our grand finale and future business/employment.

  1. For participation in the ‘‘ Miss Culture International2021 ’’ Contest, following criteria apply:
  2. Minimum age of 18 years and maximum of 27 years (untilthe day prior to enrollment).
  3. Be a citizen of the country representing.
  4. When filling out the registration form and accepting to be a contestant, the interested candidate will undertake to comply strictly with the schedules, for the rehearsals, meetings, interviews, and preparation courses, except for reasons of force majeure.
  5. Accept the decisions of the Organizing Committee for the successful hosting of the pageant;
  6. Comply with all commitments that require your presence, whether in the top three positions or not;
  7. Unauthorized persons will not be allowed to participate in the rehearsals (except under prior dispensation of the organizing committee);
  8. In case of non-compliancewith any of the rules, the candidate may be disqualified;
  9. Applications that do not meet the contest requirementspublished in the advertisement will not be accepted;
  10. Entries must be made through the contest website and confirmed in person. Correct completion of the form is mandatory, as well as the inclusion of a full body and face photo, as indicated bythe registrationform;
  11. The photo does not have to be a professional photo, but it should be a recent photo (on photo paper). Photos will not be returned;
  12. All candidates, upon registration, will sign a formal commitment with the Miss Culture International


The Miss Culture International 2021 Contest will take place in Three stages:
  1. National Registration stage
  2. National Casting/selection stage
  3. SA Bootcamp and Grand Finale stage
This stage will start from 1st of Dec 2020 to 31st July 2021, online registration.
This is the stage in which the selection of registered contestants in all countries will be made. Judged and a country representative will be selected to represent that country in South Africa.
After the selection of the National Representatives for the Miss Culture International Contest, the completion stage will follow, which is the actual contest, where there will be 52 contestants.

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